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Tender for a 3 year Contract for Harvest Vessels for Cermaq Canada

October 22, 2015
By US Department of Agriculture's (USDA)

Cermaq Canada has an opportunity for interested parties to bid on a 3 year contract for harvesting services for the East Coast of Vancouver Island in the Campbell River and Port McNeill areas starting July 2016. This Letter is intended for the use of bidding on this contract opportunity.

  • All vessels must be able to meet or exceed ISO 14001, 9001, 22001 and 18001 requirements of Cermaq Canada
  • Vessel requirements for this tender must have a capacity to hold a minimum of 240,000 lbs Live Weight of product.
  • Price must be by pound of gutted product.

Note: for calculations Gutted Weight is the valid weight produced from the processing reports and that Live Weight and Dressed Weight are calculated as follows;

Live Weight = 108%

Gutted Weight = 100%


Dressed Weight = 90%

Pertinent information:


o Each boat will need to have stunners in use able to manage approximately 4500 fish/hr.

o Each vessel will be required to have back up stunners and parts on the boat in case of mechanical breakdowns to the existing stunners and harvest equipment.

Cooling system

o Each vessel will be required to have a minimum of 4 holds with our preference of having 6 or more, with a chilling system that will be able to cool the product to a temperature of 2oC

2 hours or less.

Contingency Plan

o Each vessel must file a contingency plan with Cermaq Canada that details the means by which they will ensure that there will be no interruptions to the processing in the event of mechanical breakdowns.

o All contingency plans filed with Cermaq Canada.

Quality Assurance

o Cermaq Canada will provide one Harvest Quality Supervisor per harvest to liase with the vessel and assist in ensuring quality optimization of our product and that Cermaq standards are met.

o All vessels are to supply enough personnel to ensure they can do the following work:

  • Pull seines
  • Shallowing the seines/pens as needed
  • Vessel crew must be able to perform harvest duties on the boat; stun table, bleeding, on-going temperature monitoring, pre and post harvest cleaning and disinfection of equipment

o Cermaq Canada maintains the right to demand that the contractor implement any corrective action(s) necessary to increase and/or protect quality of our product or meet Cermaq/industry standards.

Off Loading of Vessels

o The vessel crew/contractor is responsible for all aspects of off-loading the vessel at the processing plant as it pertains directly to the vessel and its holds.

  • This includes activities such as the movement of the pumping equipment from one hatch to the other, monitoring the equipment and product quality while pumping on the deck of the vessel and ensuring each hold is completely emptied of product.

1.1 Terms of Bidding

  • All bids must be in by December 18, 2015 including a proposed contingency plan.
  • Cermaq will determine the winning bid by February 20, 2015
  • Tender packages are available but bidders will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with Cermaq before receiving the package.
  • All bids received and discussions with bidders will be held in confidence


Brock Thomson | Cermaq Canada Ltd.

#203 919 S. Island Hwy, V9W 2C2 Campbell River, Canada

Phone Fax 250-286-0042

Direct 250-286-0022 ext 2233

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