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Digital strategist forms online group for seafood marketers

December 15, 2022
By ANA staff

Fisheries scientist and digital strategist, Emily De Sousa, announced that she will be launching a Seafood Storytellers Collective.

This online community is intended to gather seafood marketers and other industry professionals to share knowledge and “learn how to better communicate with consumers online, tell our seafood stories, answer consumer questions and get the seafood story out there,” said De Sousa in a recent LinkedIn post.

De Sousa is founder of Seaside with Emily, an influencer marketing brand that she has launched to provide digital communication and social media consulting for the seafood industry. She creates content for Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms to explain the science of sustainable seafood to younger consumers. She also uses her online platform to be a proponent of “pescatourism.”

“My goal is to help you navigate the seafood counter and uncover the best seafood travel destinations around the world,” she writes in her website. “Growing up in a Portuguese household, I’ve been surrounded by seafood for my entire life, peeling shrimp and shucking oysters  since before I could walk. Seafood has always been part of my personal and family identity; it’s what I expect at family gatherings, it’s the food I gravitate towards at restaurants, and it has informed where I travel.”


The Seafood Storytellers Collective is an online membership

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