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September 24 - September 27, 2024
MedellĂ­n, Colombia

Colombia has a wide hydroclimatic diversity and geographical, which has favored the development of the aquaculture, thus counting on production of species both warm waters and cold waters mainly In freshwater, mariculture is still an area for develop and strengthen. The largest species production are both red and Nilotic Tilapia, cachama, rainbow trout and native species. Aquaculture in Colombia has been growing at a rate of close to 10% per year, this is how it has reached production of about 204,000 tons in the year 2022. The main reasons for this growth are associated with productive improvement (genetic improvement, innovation in production systems, optimization in culture conditions, implementation of biosafety and quality systems).

Today Colombia has about 36,000 producers distributed throughout the national territory and it is estimated that in 31 of the 32 departments there are aquaculture production. This aquaculture production is one of the fundamental axes within the agricultural sector since it not only generates foreign currency for the country but also is considered a food safety activity for small producers located in the regions further away. On the other hand, there are departments and regions that have a greater development and have achieved the verticalization of the activity, with production plants certifi ed exports on stamps on international stamps of quality that have allowed the export of this product generating formal jobs and improving the quality of life of people linked to aquaculture.

The conference will be held in three languages for spoken and written materials. The conference will include all major aquatic species cultured in Panama and the other LACC countries with a special focus on tilapia, trout, shrimp and marine species.


There will be an exhibition of aquaculture suppliers from around the world displaying the latest in equipment, supplies and services. As well as national entities.

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