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‘Experiential learning’ not just a buzzword at Fleming

May 27, 2020
By Monica Dick

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Aquaculture students at Fleming College spend as many as 12 hours a week at the hatchery on campus Credit: Fleming College

Fleming College’s on-campus hatchery makes ‘experiential learning’ more than a buzzword for students of its Aquaculture Co-op program—it ensures the students get a head start on their career through hands-on training.

Compressed into one year of study starting in September, it is the only Aquaculture program offered as a post-graduate certificate in Ontario. The program is located at Fleming’s Frost Campus in Lindsay, Ontario. It includes an eight-week, paid co-op, and has strong industry connections, which enable students to experience first-hand several aspects of the aquaculture industry.

During first semester, students are introduced to aquaculture fundamentals, with much of the program taking place in the campus hatchery facilities. The focus in second semester is on operational and business practices with numerous field trips and seminars to learn more about the business of aquaculture.

With both a salmonid hatchery and an alternate species hatchery located at the campus, students get an opportunity to practice their skills and gain real-world experience at the same time.


“The Aquaculture program at Fleming is very unique because it offers a lot of hands on learning. The students are actually in the hatchery 12 hours a week,” says program coordinator Jon Carter.

As students progress through the program and gain confidence in their skills, they take on a supervisory role and run the hatchery with faculty oversight.

Employers are noticing the high quality of Fleming Aquaculture graduates.

“Industry is looking for our students all the time. In fact, we have multiple employers from British Columbia, the Yukon, and the Maritimes, as well as local producers in Ontario, seeking our graduates. They are keen to recruit our students,” says Carter.

Fleming’s Aquaculture program is currently accepting applications. For more information, visit: To apply for the program, visit:

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