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Feed barge for small and medium fish farms

January 4, 2021
By Liza Mayer

The mini feed barge gives small and medium fish farms the capability for centralized and automatic feeding of their cages

A manufacturer for feeding systems for aquaculture has launched a feed barge suitable for small and medium fish farms in the sea or lakes.

“In a market where major manufacturers build feed barges for aquaculture ranging from 96 tons to 850 tons, we have designed and built for the global market this small, automatic, intelligent and autonomous aquaculture feed barge,” says the Spanish company, FishFarmFeeder.

It said the barge’s innovative design gives small- and medium-sized fish farms the ability for centralized and automatic feeding of their cages.  It has a feed rate greater than 50 kg/minute, and can be manufactured in any shipyard under FishFarmFeeder’s coordination and supervision.

“It is an affordable investment that can be returned in a short period of time,” the company said, adding that the barge overcomes the drawbacks of the workboat by providing the advantages of a standard aquaculture feed barge. 


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