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Hatch Blue opens 2024 applications for Ocean Foundry

April 12, 2024
By Matt Jones

Hatch Blue Holding Ltd. is accepting applications for its Ocean Foundry platform, an incubator designed to support aquaculture entrepreneurs and researchers. Hatch has run the Hawai’i-based program since 2019.

“Operating within the industrial Hawai’i Ocean and Science Technology (HOST) park, and in partnership with the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai’i Authority (NEHLA), the Hatch office now forms as the Ocean Foundry campus (incubator) for the development of world-class aquaculture innovation and technologies,” reads on the Hatch Blue website.

The incubator’s campus purports to host, stimulate, guide, develop and support up-and-coming aquaculture talent and innovators to solve key aquaculture sustainability challenges. Participants in the program have access to Hatch Blue’s facilities, including office space and laboratories, coaching, mentorship and support and connection to community and networking events.

“The Ocean Foundry platform is for individuals, teams or companies at any stage of development that want to take their product, technology or service to the next level with focused on-site support from Hatch,” Operations Manager Dylan Howell told The Fish Site. “It’s a unique opportunity to be in an environment where they can test what they’re developing in very predictable conditions and, if they need, in a very short time frame, because they won’t need to apply for permits or build any physical infrastructure or testing facilities – it’s a plug and play scenario.”


Attendance at the Ocean Foundry is limited to 12 months “given the nature of R&D and early-stage development.”

To ensure continued participation and access, participants must achieve agreed-upon milestones. There are no fees to approved Ocean Foundry members to utilize the office space, trial systems and facilities, though there may be additional costs related to dry lab space and consumable materials. Participants will have to cover their own travel and accommodations.

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