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Minorities In Aquaculture conducts census for underrepresented professionals

November 3, 2023
By Aquaculture North America staff

Minorities in Aquaculture (MIA) 2023 census deadline has been extended to Nov. 10.

MIA is surveying to gather information about the barriers, challenges, and opportunities for underrepresented demographics in the aquaculture industry and related fields.

For 2024, we are focused on building the foundations for finally breaking minority barriers of aquaculture entry, fostering empowerment for sustainable aquaculture among our community, and addressing the minority gaps to help MIA develop strategies for accessibility, recruitment, and job retention from the groups we strive to support,” a release from the group reads.

They have a goal of 100 submissions from women, women of colour and LGBTQIA+ individuals in aquaculture. 

MIA is a nonprofit organization with the goal of educating underrepresented demographics about the environmental benefits that aquaculture provides, we can create a more diverse and inclusive aquaculture industry.


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