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Precision Measurement Engineering launches miniDOT Loggers

November 2, 2023
By Aquaculture North America staff

Precision Measurement Engineering (PME), a provider of freshwater and oceanographic research and data logging devices, announced their engineering team is currently developing field guides that will provide researchers, using miniDOT Loggers, the ability to recalibrate their devices in the field.

The ability to adjust miniDOT calibration can be applied to new and existing miniDOT Loggers. This will be a valuable feature that PME will provide for existing miniDOT Loggers without additional expense. 

The benefits of recalibration include:

  • Ability to maintain miniDOT Logger calibration accuracy over longer periods of time.
  • The recalibration expense for miniDOT Logger is reduced as manufacturer recalibrations will occur less often, expense reduction includes shipping to and from the manufacturer.
  • Total time of useful operation for miniDOT Logger is increased as the frequency of manufacturing calibration is reduced.

“PME’s goal is to develop a simple recalibration method that can be performed by customers in the field to account for calibration drift and does not require the miniDOT Logger to be returned to PME for yearly calibrations.”


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