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New EWOS research centre to focus on sea lice and diseases

April 30, 2015
By Linda Hiemstra

EWOS has broken ground on a new research centre, located in the Los Lagos region of Chile, to help solve specific challenges for fish farming. 

The new centre is over 2950 square meters and will have systems for water purification, hatchery, research area and laboratories. Researchers will focus on developing feed products that can help to combat challenges from sea lice as well as significant diseases.

Adel El-Mowafi, Research Director at EWOS Innovation, expects that the unit in Chile will


increase research capacity significantly: “We will be able to do four to five times more studies each year and speed up our investigation into how feed can reduce the harmful effects of sea lice. We expect to quickly make new improvements on existing products and within two to three years we plan to launch new health feed products. Simultaneously, the new capacity will enable us to react even quicker to novel health challenges that may emerge in the future.”  

EWOS CEO Einar Wathne also commented in the announcement, “Food is important for health – this is the case for fish as well. Feed is a key part of the solution to improving fish health. Through research and innovation, we will offer our customers the best health feed products that can possibly be made.”

According to the company website, EWOS holds approximately 1/3 of the world market for farmed salmon and trout feed, over produced over 1.1 million tonnes of feed in 2013.  

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