Aquaculture North America

Pumps for large commercial applications

November 14, 2016
By Allan Lynch

Pentair has released its newest line of Verus pumps, which it said is the biggest version so far,with flow rates up to 2,000 gpm.

         Called Verus Max, the pumps are designed for large commercial applications where flow

rate and turnover demands are high. The company said pumps in the same class are often times over-engineered, resulting in unnecessary costs being passed onto the customer. Verus Max pumps are relatively lightweight for its size, making installation and maintenance simpler compared to metallic pumps with similar capacities, it said.  

         The pumps feature an IE2-rated TEFC motor, stainless steel hardware and glass-reinforced thermoplastic housing. They are salt/seawater approved up to 40ppt salt concentration and have heat-resistant mechanical seal with 316SS construction.

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