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ScaleAQ urges farmers to check mooring system for safety

December 19, 2023
By Aquaculture North America staff

Aquaculture technology company, ScaleAQ, is reminding fish farmers to check their mooring system for the winter.

Good mooring systems require in-depth knowledge of the location the facility is to be deployed in.“We leverage your knowledge of local conditions along with thorough analyses to ensure that our mooring systems not only meet but exceed all requirements,” according to a company statement. 

ScaleAQ provides in-house expertise in marine engineering, including complete system analysis. Staff can use computer programs to simulate the conditions on a given site on a stormy day. Floating collars, nets and all moorings are being modelled in the program. 

By entering data for currents, winds and waves for the location, the program calculates the forces the mooring and the floating collar and net will be subjected to within the safety margins which are required in the NS9415 standard and the NYTEK regulation.


“All parts are customized to fit each other, accredited mooring analyses with a focus on the most robust solutions, in-house and third-party control for all standardized solutions that they do not produce themselves and tested in both simulated and real environments for years,” the company said. 

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