Aquaculture North America

Virtual Event
Women in North American Aquaculture Summit 2023
September 7, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Panel 1: Cast a digital net: Spreading the message of aquaculture online

Moderator: Jean Ko Din, editor of Hatcher International and RAStech magazines


  • Cora Hirashiki
  • Dianna Fletcher
  • Afton Vigue
  • Jessica Miller
Aquaculture, as a crucial component of sustainable seafood production, plays a vital role in meeting the growing global demand for fish and seafood. In the digital age, effectively communicating the importance, benefits, and responsible practices of aquaculture online is essential to foster awareness, dispel misconceptions, and encourage informed consumer choices.

The panel will bring together aquaculture experts, digital marketing professionals, and environmental advocates to explore innovative strategies and best practices for effectively leveraging digital platforms to promote responsible aquaculture practices and engage with diverse audiences.

Cora Hirashiki
Cora Hirashiki is the founder of Fat Moon Creative, a boutique digital and social media agency that helps purpose-driven brands and organizations positively shape the world.

She and her team have supported various innovators in the sustainable seafood sector including Kvaroy Arctic, Seafood and Gender Equality, The Kingfish Company, Sea Pact, and Fed by Blue, amongst many others.

Passionate about fighting for social justice and a sustainable future for all, she loves creating media that tells stories and opens minds, inspiring people to think boldly and act bravely.

Dianna Fletcher
Dianna Fletcher is founder and president of Fletcher Media, a global public relations and media production company with clients in aquaculture, private equity and economic development. She’s also Communications Director for Kingfish Maine, supporting the team’s media relations and community outreach over the last four years.

Prior to founding Fletcher Media, Dianna was an award-winning news reporter and anchor, honored by the Associated Press for her work in investigative and consumer reporting. Dianna has traveled the world for video production services, providing multi-language video production for clients in several countries.

Afton Vigue
Afton Vigue is the communications and outreach manager for the Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA). She develops and manages MAA’s marketing and communications strategies including traditional PR as well as digital and social media campaigns. She works closely with the MAA board of directors as well as growers across the state to keep them activated and engaged around issues that matter most to them, and participates on several aquaculture-related boards and working groups at the state, national, and international levels.

Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller, RDN, CDE is the Nutrition Communications Manager for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, where she coordinates nutrition education and outreach and works to maintain SNP as the go-to resource for nutritious seafood information.

To learn more about our food choices, Jessica took her interest in good nutrition as disease prevention to the grocery store aisles. She shifted into retail and created a retail dietitian program for an independent grocery store chain, Pyramid Foods. She was later promoted to buyer and category manager for natural, organic, and specialty foods. Jessica has worked closely with suppliers, vendors, brokers, and consumers bringing quality products to consumers and clients.

Jessica attended Cox College of Nursing for her dietetics internship and Missouri State University for her bachelor’s in dietetics. Jessica also obtained her Certification in Diabetes Education in 2011.


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