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ANB releases calibration-free pH sensors

October 23, 2023
By Maryam Farag

ANB Sensors, creator and manufacturer of pH sensor technology that requires no calibration, announced their range of AQ and OC Series sensors are fully released and shipping. 

With four models to choose from, the AQ5 and AQ50 models operating to 5-50 metres depths respectively are ideally suited to aquaculture facilities, including RAS facilities, well boats, and ferry box applications. Whilst the OC300 and OC1250 operate to deeper depths of 300-1250 metres, for coastal, oceanography, and UAV deployments.

“Based on feedback from the extensive trials of our previous “S” series sensors, the new AQ & OC sensors are delivering all the features that have been requested by our customers,” said Nathan Lawrence, CEO of ANB Sensors. “We have a strong product roadmap and will be releasing many new features via firmware releases, all based on the existing hardware platform.” 

“Being calibration-free and extremely robust, these sensors are delivering what people have been looking for in pH sensors for some time,” said Mark Pritchard, CCO at ANB Sensors. “Delivering significant cost savings across their lifespan, we strongly believe that these innovative, calibration-free pH sensors from ANB will be widely adopted by users across all pH measuring requirements.” 

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