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Former banker gets feet wet in aquaculture

July 29, 2017
By Liza Mayer

A former banker in Florida has embarked on an aquaculture project and set a production target of 10,000 pounds of farm-raised pompano per month by next year.

Florida pompano is the entrepreneur's species of choice Pompano is species of choice


Entrepreneur Joe Cardenas started Aquaco Farms in 2015 at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Tech Runway, a public-private partnership that helps incubate startups.

“Aquaco Farms is designed to be one of the largest saltwater grow-out facilities in Florida and will provide a sustainable, highly sought after commodity in the seafood industry. An industry where consumers are demanding a change in the way seafood is sourced and purchased today,” said the company on its website.


The company said it chose Florida pompano for the high demand and limited supply from fisheries. It plans to sell its production to retail, restaurant and resort markets.

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