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Teck and Ocean Regenerative use seaweed to grow trees

November 9, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Photo: Teck.

Teck Resources Limited and Ocean Regenerative Aquaculture, Inc. announced a joint research project to study how seaweed can be used to enhance forest health and accelerate tree growth.

The project, which supports Teck’s goal to become a nature positive company by 2030, will test the efficacy of using seaweed to enhance the health of tree species that are native to areas where Teck is rehabilitating former mining areas. The project will also assess how seaweed can increase the ability of forests to capture and store carbon.

“This unique research project supports Teck’s efforts to become nature positive and contribute to tackling the global challenges of nature loss and climate change,” said Jonathan Price, CEO, Teck. “We’re looking forward to working with Ocean Regenerative to advance this innovative initiative using seaweed to accelerate reclamation and carbon sequestration.”

Ocean Regenerative will lead research on applications of seaweed-derived extracts to improve the growth and durability of a range of tree species intended for reforestation as part of the rehabilitation of mined land at Teck’s operations. The project will also seek to demonstrate the potential for enhanced carbon capture and sequestration during terrestrial forest growth.


“Teck and Ocean Regenerative are working with nature to create the opportunity for marine and land-based forests to thrive through innovative, human-assisted symbiosis,” said David Parker, CEO, Ocean Regenerative. “This project will demonstrate that ecosystem regeneration can be achieved and scaled to create healthier, faster growing terrestrial forests that result in enhanced long-term carbon sequestration through a nature positive solution.”

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