Aquaculture North America

Virtual Event
Women in North American Aquaculture Summit 2024
September 5, 2024 at 11:00am EST

Supporting Sponsors

Cascades is proud to sponsor the WINAA 2024 event. We provide sustainable seafood packaging solutions for the aquaculture and seafood industry and fully support diversity and inclusiveness in the sector.

Here’s information about our product solutions:

northbox® OCEAN™ packaging from Cascades, an alternative to non-recycled solution for transporting fresh seafood products.

The northbox® OCEAN™ insulated boxes are currently one of the most sustainable solutions for the fisheries and aquaculture industries. Our boxes are made from recycled and recyclable materials, providing an exceptional substitute for EPS boxes.

A versatile solution for your specific needs

The northbox® OCEAN™ packaging consists of a corrugated cardboard box and an insulated tray made of recycled cardboard laminated with reflective film to guarantee freshness. Several designs and sizes adapted to your product and assembly lines.

You can contact us for guidance on the most suitable option to fit your needs and adapt to your automation system.

Watch our webinar presentation on “Eco-designed packaging for the aquaculture industry”

Find out more at our website and how we can help add even more sustainability to your seafood operation.