Aquaculture North America

Virtual Event
Women in North American Aquaculture Summit 2024
September 5, 2024 at 11:00am EST

Supporting Sponsors

Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center supports women and nonbinary people in aquaculture. 
The Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center’s mission is to assist in developing socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable aquaculture opportunities in Maine. MAIC believes that at the core of a strong aquaculture industry is a community that practices diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility. MAIC is proud to be part of the community working toward these goals, and is honored to highlight some of our ongoing work that centers on supporting aquaculturists in Maine who self-identify as women or nonbinary.

2024 Women in Aquaculture Series 
As part of the Aquaculture in Shared Waters (AQSW) program and with funding from the Maine Aquaculture Hub, MAIC and Maine Sea Grant led AQSW partners in delivering a series of workshops centered on people in Maine’s aquaculture industry who identify as women or nonbinary. These workshops focused on targeted skills for women on the water and were designed around social science research on the training needs for women in aquaculture.

Participants in the program attended 6 workshops via Zoom and in person, with opportunities to build skills while creating a community network of women in aquaculture!

This outstanding program was organized by Annie Fagan and Jaclyn Robidoux from Maine Sea Grant and Anne Langston Noll from MAIC. Photo by Annie Fagan.

Women and Nonbinary Aquaculturist Network
Supported by the SOAR grant from The Nature Conservancy, MAIC is taking the lead on supporting continued networking and community building opportunities for Maine women and nonbinary people in aquaculture. Through a series of events and programs, MAIC plans to build on the momentum that was generated in the 2024 AQSW Women in Aquaculture Series to support a strong community among women and nonbinary aquaculturists in Maine.

This work is supported by Emily Whitmore, Sydney Avena, Maya Pelletier, and Anne Langston Noll at MAIC. Artwork by Maya Pelletier.