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Wild Pacific salmon are not “on the brink of extinction”: BCSFA opposes radio ad

February 6, 2024
By Aquaculture North America staff

The B.C. Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) is fighting a radio advertisement by Wild First that claims that wild Pacific salmon are “on the brink of extinction.”

Wild First is a non-governmental organization with a mission to transition away from net pen farming in British Columbia.

“False advertisements by Wild First mislead the public, particularly consumers who rely on accurate information to make informed choices about their food,” said Brian Kingzett, executive director of the BCSFA, in a press statement. “The spread of this misinformation undermines the significant contributions salmon farming provides to our communities, economy, and environment and is unfair to the hardworking professionals who contribute to this sector.”

But Wild First insists the ad did not stop airing on the radio.


An official response from the anti-net pen farming organization stated that Pattison Media confirmed they ran the ad with the opening line: “Wild Pacific salmon have played a vital role in B.C. ’s ecosystem for millennia. Today, they’re on the brink of extinction.”

While the ad was paused by the station for review after being contacted by the BCSFA, it resumed playing with a “slight tweak” and the opening line remained the same, said Wild First spokesperson. They also added that other radio stations ran the ad without it being pulled down.

In 2023, a similar complaint was made against Wild First by the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) of false advertising in Ottawa, which caused these billboards to be removed. 

According to BCSFA, CTV News Vancouver also removed a news segment with anti-salmon farming advocates that contained false information, after the BCSFA filed an official complaint. 

“The continued spread of misinformation by Wild First and other anti-salmon farming organizations emphasizes the need for responsible advocacy based on facts and science,” said Kingzett. 

BCSFA is thanking Pattison Media for taking action to stop airing the ad by the anti-salmon farming organization.

“We commend Pattison Media for their commitment to promoting accurate information and ensuring that false advertising is promptly removed,” said Kingzett.  

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