Aquaculture North America

Data-capture software for the whole value chain

March 3, 2020
By Liza Mayer

Credit: ©higyou/ Adobe Stock

Three industry players are putting their weight behind a software that promises to revolutionize aquaculture.

OxyGuard, BioMar and Aller Aqua have partnered to deliver Cobalia, an advanced farm management platform that collects data across the value chain and compile them in a cloud solution.

“Through the cloud database, all measurable data is analyzed, collated, recorded, distributed, and exchanged for countless purposes, to create transparency, compute best practices, pinpoint areas of beneficial improvements for production, management and environmental practices for all stakeholders in the sector, including governmental institutions and NGOs and everyone in between,” said OxyGuard.

“Whereas numerous companies are introducing different versions of digitalization platforms, machine learning technologies and AI solutions, the common denominator of these is the lack of a unified goal for the sector as a whole,” said OxyGuard. Cobalia addresses this gap, the company said.


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