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Dissolved-oxygen sensor

June 4, 2018
By Liza Mayer

Aquasend, a subsidiary of Precision Measurement Engineering, introduced at Aquaculture America 2018 its new device for monitoring dissolved oxygen, called clearDOT logger.

clearDOT logger from Aquasend

The submersible instrument logs dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements and has an internal LCD screen, which displays real-time measurements. The oxygen sensor is an optode that measures dissolved oxygen concentration in water through a fluorescence method. Data are recorded to an internal SD card. Operation of the clearDOT logger such as setting the time and sample interval can be accomplished via the USB cable.

Other features include: portability, complete submersibility and ease-of-use; user-replaceable and long-lasting batteries; no need to re-calibrate in the field; instantaneous dissolved oxygen reading; and it records time, date and battery voltage.

“Real-time, automated monitoring systems can preserve an optimum DO saturation. And the right DO levels can boost a farmer’s bottom line,” said Aquasend in a statement.

“Keeping your tanks above the critical oxygen threshold for your species of fish is important, but consistent monitoring can go even further to ensure you are maximizing your stock’s growth potential,” it added.


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