Aquaculture North America

Docking solutions

September 9, 2020
By Liza Mayer

Dock Blocks surround net pen

A South Carolina-based manufacturer of floating dock products says its Dock Blocks save users up to 50 percent in maintenance costs because of the product’s durability and low-maintenance design.

“Our floating docks are designed and built by experts to help aquaculture farmers have faster access to their nets and cages. The companies that work with us see as much as 50 percent lowered maintenance costs so they can maximize operations and stop wasting money on dock repairs,” said CEO Matt West.

The company says its product is the industry’s only patented modular floating dock system. The four-pin connection system is 75-percent faster to install, it added.

The floating docks are made with HDPE. The company said it produces docking systems in a zero-waste manufacturing process and using entirely recyclable materials.

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