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Barnacles: Scourge of fish farms becomes useful

In one of several new initiatives to develop more sustainable live feeds for hatchery fish, a Norwegian company has developed a product that makes use of what is deemed as a burden to fish farms and shellfish farms alike: barnacles.

The company, Planktonic AS of Norway, harvests barnacles from the ocean, extracts the eggs from inside the barnacles before they have the opportunity to start feeding, and then cryopreserves them. The cryopreservation process keeps them alive and disinfects them.  They are then packed into flasks. When this feed is to be used, it is thawed in seawater, and the barnacles then become "alive" again and therefore constitutes a natural feed for the juvenile fish.

Commercial trials earlier this year showed 50 percent larger bream juveniles and 75 percent larger bass, better survival and improved resistance, reported the Global Aquaculture Advocate.

September 25, 2018
By Liza Mayer

A burden to aquaculture

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  1. Joe Mcdonald says:

    Shows the quality of this report… if you dont use comparisons with big numbers and statements it doesnt really mean much, 50% larger bream juveniles than when grown on algae? Dried food? Unenriched artemia?

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