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Consumer awareness a priority for new head of BC Salmon Farmers Association

August 8, 2018
By Liza Mayer

Educating consumers in urban centers in British Columbia about the critical role salmon farming plays in the lives of BC families and the economy is a priority for the new executive director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA), John Paul Fraser.

 “While the importance of salmon farming is well understood in the communities where our members operate, that is not the case in urban centers and there is no question we have work to do on that front. I look forward to bringing forward the story of just how important and progressive this industry is. My first priority is to gain the public’s trust,” said Fraser, whose appointment was announced today.  

Fraser was BC’s deputy minister responsible for Government Communications and Public Engagement until last year. “I was drawn to this role by the opportunity to become an advocate for this important but misunderstood industry at a critical time,” Fraser said.

“I was struck with just how deeply our province’s salmon farmers understand that wild salmon come first and that they play a critical role in protecting wild fish populations. They understand they must, and do, operate responsibly by using the most innovative green techniques and acting on independent science. They also understand how important it is that they are giving consumers a local and healthy alternative to eating wild salmon when making their meal choices.”

The association’s previous executive director, Jeremy Dunn, is now Director of Community Relations & Public Affairs at Marine Harvest Canada.

'My first priority will to gain the public’s trust

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