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Kvarøy Arctic announces International Scholarship for Women in Aquaculture

April 26, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Kvarøy Arctic has announced its third international scholarship program that aims to empower women in aquaculture.

The family-owned salmon farm based in the Arctic Circle in Norway will award two annual scholarships that support the further education, research, and career development of women in the field of aquaculture.

One of the scholarships is dedicated to an applicant from any country globally and the other is designated for applicants from countries in Africa.

“We truly believe that gender equality, sustainability, fighting world hunger, and climate change go hand-in-hand. And aquaculture plays a key role in combating all these challenges,” said Alf-Gøran Knutsen, CEO, Kvarøy Arctic.

The application process is open until July 1, and the two winners for this year will be announced on August 1. The program provides a $10,000 fund for education and scientific research to each of the two recipients, and the opportunity to gain practical experience as an intern at Kvarøy Arctic’s sustainable salmon farm sites.

Julie Kuchepatov from Seafood and Gender Equality and Imani Black from Minorities in Aquaculture, with Kvarøy Artic’s management team, oversee the annual scholarship.

“Two things women in aquaculture desperately need are access to funding and practical experience. The Kvarøy Arctic Women in Aquaculture Scholarships provide both and signal a strong belief that women will continue to innovate and lead the sector into a bright, blue future,” said Kuchepatov.

“Minorities In Aquaculture aims to create a more diverse aquaculture industry by educating minority women on the restoration and sustainability efforts that aquaculture provides for our local and global seafood industries,” said Black.

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