Aquaculture North America

Made-in-Canada solution helps salmon farmer cut emissions

March 11, 2022
By Liza Mayer

Healthy fish, healthy planet.

An award-winning technology made in Campbell River, British Columbia has helped a salmon farmer reduce its carbon emissions by 76 metric tonnes – that’s the amount of greenhouse gases you would have produced had you driven a diesel car for 456,000 km (283,000 miles).

Called Flowpressor, the compressor system from Poseidon Ocean Systems was one of the two top-prize winners at the BC Aquaculture Innovation Awards in 2021.

The reduction in emissions was seen when the technology was field-tested from May through November 2021 at Cermaq’s 16 farms in BC. In the trials, Cermaq used Flowpressors to power its standard Harmful Algae Bloom systems instead of using conventional diesel compressors.

“The trial demonstrated the viability of the Flowpressor technology to power our existing conventional bloom mitigation equipment, while producing 60-percent less greenhouse gas emissions. The overall result is that we have slashed emissions and dramatically reduced our fuel costs while improving overall performance of the mitigation system,” said Brock Thomson, Cermaq Canada’s Innovation Director.

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