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SeaChoice changes mandate

July 19, 2017
By Tom Walker

Staff stocks fish at Vancouver retailer. ‘Our transition will benefit seafood retailers as well Ensuring accountability in the seafood supply chain is a critical aspect of the organization's new direction

SeaChoice says it is shifting its focus to reforming unsustainable seafood production rather than ranking seafood products.

The Vancouver-based organization on Wednesday said its new mandate is to reform unsustainable seafood production and become Canada’s leading sustainable seafood watchdog. Its new goals include improving seafood-labelling regulations, eco-certification standards, fisheries and aquaculture management, and making information more transparent throughout the supply chain, it said.

“We’re proud that our retail partners have made great strides in their commitment to sustainable seafood,” Kurtis Hayne of SeaChoice said. “Now we’ll be working towards solutions for persistent challenges that keep sustainable fisheries and aquaculture from further improvement in Canada. Our transition will benefit seafood retailers as well.”


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