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Disease ManagementFeaturesResearchTechnology

February 16, 2022
Analytics, genetics tech chart new direction for aquaculture

Disease ManagementNewsCleantech CanadaTechnology

February 10, 2022
Semi-closed system to be installed at Grieg Seafood BC

Disease ManagementNewsCleantech CanadaSustainabilityTechnology

December 22, 2021
Grieg Seafood BC adds new delousing vessels to its fleet

Disease ManagementFeaturesInnovation

February 11, 2021
In Norway, counting sea lice manually may be on its way out

Disease ManagementNews

December 18, 2020
Salmon disease rising in Norway

Disease ManagementNewsFishResearch

September 23, 2020
Researchers make breakthrough in tilapia virus resistance

Disease ManagementFeaturesResearch

September 9, 2020
Scientists discover broader benefits of coldwater disease vaccine

Disease ManagementNewsfish welfare

July 8, 2020
Concerns raised over cleanerfish welfare

Disease ManagementNewsfish welfare

June 30, 2020
Assessing rainbow trout wellness

Disease ManagementNewsBusiness ManagementRegulations

May 13, 2020
Newfoundland restores licences to Mowi Canada East

Disease ManagementNewsResearch

May 6, 2020
Antibiotic use in fish farms poses threat to humans, study says

Disease ManagementFeatures

April 29, 2020
Group lays groundwork for commercial lumpfish production in the U.S.

Disease ManagementNewsBusiness Management

April 15, 2020
AquaChile converts lab to COVID-19 test site

Disease ManagementFeaturesFinfishFishResearch

March 31, 2020
New Brunswick researchers investigate sea lice solutions

Disease ManagementNewsBusiness Management

March 25, 2020
Washington oyster farmers defenseless against pest

Disease ManagementFeaturesBusiness Management

March 20, 2020
Pandemic impact spreads to North American aquaculture

Disease ManagementFeaturesBusiness Management

March 19, 2020
Bracing for COVID-19

Disease ManagementNewsBusiness Management

March 18, 2020
B.C. salmon farmers’ group ceases farm visits amid Covid-19

Disease ManagementNewsProductsFishInnovationSustainabilityTechnology

March 3, 2020
New sea lice solution advances development

Disease ManagementNewsResearchTechnology

February 26, 2020
Center for Aquaculture Technologies expands research footprint with new acquisition

Disease ManagementNewsRegulationsShellfish

February 5, 2020
Alaska’s shellfish growers on edge as subsidy cuts loom

Disease ManagementNewsResearchShellfish

January 22, 2020
A mix of methods work best in controlling Vibrio

Disease ManagementNewsFishInnovationTechnology

December 16, 2019
Cermaq begins iFarm development in January

Disease ManagementNewsFinfishFishNutritionResearch

December 11, 2019
Seaweed enhanced diet protects sea bass from infection

Disease ManagementFeaturesProductsInnovationTechnology

November 12, 2019
Tech firm uses big data to help control sea lice

Disease ManagementNewsEducationShellfish

November 12, 2019
Aquatic animal health ‘bible’ to be updated